Great Decisions: Trade, Jobs, and Politics: May 8, 2017 with Jean-Claude Fouere

Jean-Claude Fouere from the School of Management at Marist College, will facilitate this discussion on May 8, at 7pm. It will be held at the Poughkeepsie Public Library on Boardman Road. (141 Boardman Road, Poughkeepsie NY 12603).

The discussion will stem from the following description from the Foreign Policy Association website:

“The U.S. political mood toward trade has gone sour. One need look no further than the 2016 presidential contest for the popular narrative: trade means that China wins, at America’s expense. But do the numbers support that conclusion? The metrics used to gauge economic strength—Gross Domestic Product and balance of trade—have not kept up with the realities of modern manufacturing. Obtaining an accurate picture of U.S. economic stature requires a critique of those numbers. Only then can the U.S. develop appropriate policy solutions for the challenges at hand.”

Please join us in this discussion regarding this topic, we look forward to sharing ideas.globe-e1355847649719

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